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To regulate, develop and facilitate the construction industry by inculcating professionalism in delivering quality, productive and sustainable built environment.


To be an esteemed organization that delivers construction excellence in Malaysia.


To develop the capacity and capability of the construction industry through the enhancement of quality and productivity by placing great emphasis on professionalism, innovation and knowledge in the endeavour to improve the quality of life.


Construction Industry Development Board was established under the Construction Industry Development Board Act 1994 (Act 520) to regulate, develop and facilitate the construction industry towards achieving global competitiveness.

The Board advises the Federal and the State Governments, as well as other stakeholders on matters affecting or connected with the construction industry.

The Act 520 spells out CIDB's functions as listed below:

  1. To promote and stimulate the developement, improvement and expansion of the construction industry.
  2. To promote, stimulate and undertake research into any matter relating to the construction industry.
  3. To promote, stimulate and assist in the export of service relating to the construction industry.
  4. To advise and make recommendations to the Federal Government and the State Government on matters affecting or connected with the construction industry.
  5. To provide consultancy and advisory services with respect to the construction industry.
  6. To promote and encourage quality assurance in the construction industry.
  7. To regulate the conformance of standards for construction workmanship and materials.
  8. To obtain, publish, initiate and maintain information relating to the construction industry including the establishment of a construction industry information system.
  9. To provide, promote, review and coordinate training in the construction industry.
  10. To register and accredit contractors, to impose any conditions of registrations and accreditation of the contractors and to revoke, suspend or reinstate the registration and accreditation, and
  11. To register, accredit and certifying building personne and to cancel, suspend or reinstate registration, accreditation and certification of such building personnel.
  12. Regulating implementation for safe and quality construction work.
  13. To regulate the implementation of the Industrial Buildings System in the construction industry.
  14. To manage any complaints or reports made in respect of any failure of construction wok or completed construction work affecting public safety and take appropriate action to handle it.
Agency Address

Tingkat 7, Grand Season Avenue,
No 72, Jalan Pahang,
53000 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 603-40448808
Fax: 603-40453858