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Submitted by Admin on 28 April 2009
Division Address

Highway Planning Unit,
Ministry of Works Malaysia,
2nd Floor, Block A,
Kompleks Kerja Raya,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50580 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel   :  03-2771 4201
Fax  : 03-2711 3975


To become an excellent road planning and traffic consultation centre.


 To Build an economical, efficient, safe, and environment and user-friendly road system.

  • This division has set the following objectives in executing the above functions:
  • Plan an environment-friendly road to stimulate nation's socio-economic growth.
  • Help local authority to resolve urban transportation problems.
  •  Provide counseling service to government and state agencies in matters relating to traffic engineering.
  • Enhance the quality of road safety through engineering means, and
  • Enhance the effectiveness of road network, safety and consumer's comfort through intelligent transportation system methods and technology.
Activities and Functions
  • To outline the policies for National roads / expressway network that is efficient, economical and safe as well as contributes to the nation's socioeconomic development
  • To prepare Five Year Plan (FYP) for Ministry of Works
  • To conduct feasibility studies to determine the potential of proposed road projects technically and economically
  • To monitor the planning of new projects involving expressways and make future traffic extimation for the priovatised projects
  • To conduct traffic census and studies to collect information about route operation characteristics as well as other information for road planning purposes
  • To coordinate road planning activities with an area's land use planning so that planning can be done cohesively
  • To study the capacity of the road network system to accommodate current and future traffic needs, identify the overall road transportation sector requirements and outline short and lorm term implementation programs
  • To collect and analyse accident data to identify accident-prone areas and propose repairment measure concepts
  • To conduct Enviromental Impact Studies for the planned road projects
  • To conduct Social Impact and outcome studies for the completed road projects or road projects that have not yet started
  • To stipulate the direction of the Intelligent Transport System in the country as well as plan and monitor the implementation of the system
Client Charter
  • To achieve the set objectives of delivering consumer satisfaction, this division has prepared the following client's charter so that it is observed by all staff involved.

  • Publish the "Road traffic Volume Malaysia" before 30 June of each year.

  • Prepare and publish list of dangerous location before 30 August;

  • Prepare review on traffic projection for highway privatization projects in 2 months;

  • Finish processing national survey data two months after the survey; and

  • Disburse consultant's claim within 14 days of receiving the invoice.