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Speed Sign Radar - Road User Behavior Study Technology

LIPIS, PAHANG, 26th JANUARY 2023 - Deputy Minister of Public Works, YB Dato' Sri Abdul Rahman Haji Mohamad inspected the Speed Sign Radar (SSR) system installed in front of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Weighing Station in Benta, Pahang.

SSR is an innovation product of the Public Works Department (PWD) with the result of a collaboration with a local technology company, Vectolabs Sdn. Bhd and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

SSR is a system based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Radar technology that aims to increase the safety awareness of road users by displaying vehicle speed on dashboards next to the road and can also be accessed through applications and websites.

Data obtained from SSR online and 'real-time' such as the number, type and speed of vehicles recorded through wave bounce by Radar and sent to public storage (cloud) via the internet. The data obtained from this system can be analyzed to identify the behavior of road users.

From the analysis of this data, it can be used as road census information to be used as a guide for road development and maintenance planning. This data can also be used by the authorities for enforcement purposes against non-compliance with the speed limit by road users.

The explanation was delivered by Ir. Dr. Megat Zuhairy Megat Tajuddin, Director of Engineering (ICT Expert) Electrical Engineering Branch (CKE) of PWD Malaysia and Mr. Faizal Ali, CEO of Vectolabs Technologies Sdn Bhd.

To date, six (6) SSR units have been installed, namely one unit in Sungai Buloh Selangor, one unit in Klang Selangor, three units in Kuala Lipis, Pahang and one unit in Penang.

The safety of road users is always a priority for KKR and JKR and always strives to provide safe road infrastructure at an optimal cost including exploring the latest technology to meet current traffic needs.

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