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Introduction of EKSA

The implementation of the Public Sector 5S Practice in KKR since 2013 is an appropriate approach and well received by all KKR citizens. However, KKR has made a transition from 5S Practice to EKSA from 2017 in an effort to realize the transformation and strengthening program of public services especially in KKR. This transition is seen as one of the improvement initiatives in line with the efforts of the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) to create its own identity.

EKSA was introduced as a rebranding initiative for Public Sector 5S Practices taking into account the need to highlight a systematic, comfortable and conducive workplace environment so that it is more relevant to public sector departments / agencies in Malaysia. This rebranding step is thought to be appropriate and in line with the current changes and requirements to improve the performance and competitiveness of the organization in addition to fueling the creative and innovative culture among public sector departments/agencies.

The main component in the implementation of EKSA is still based on improved 5S Practices in addition to the addition of several new elements to support the creation of a more systematic, comfortable and conducive work environment.


*Last update date on 18th March 2024