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Division Address

Level 11, Block B Kompleks Kerja Raya
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin
50580 Kuala Lumpur


Drivers of a world-class policy development for construction industry 


Develop and facilitate the implementation of policies in the construction industry in line with the national development aspirations.

  • To coordinate and facilitate in addressing the challenges of developing the country's construction industry.
  • To increase the readiness of professional services and create a world class construction personnel. 
  • To manage and improve bilateral and multilateral cooperation related to the construction industry.
  • To equip the construction industry policy in line with the latest developments in technology and innovation.
Activities and Functions
  • To manage the Agencies top management and legal aspects
  • To monitor and assist in the preparation of the Agencies OSP and itsimplementation
  • To monitor and assist CIDB
  • To develop and expand the Nation?s construction industry
  • To test, encourage and research building technologies and skills inthe construction industry
  • To monitor the accreditation and registration process of contractors and skilled workers
  • To develop information related to the contruction industry which are the focus of the industrialists
  • To outline and implement the skills development training plan
  • To assist PSDC in developing a professional services database and enhance  the skill level of the professional group
  • To monitor and assist the Board of Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors  to develop a database and promote their activities
  • To coordinate the planning and management of the Malaysia Skills Competition, ASEAN Skills Competition and World Skills Competition amongst the public and  private agencies
Client Charter
  • To provide review to the Cabinet Memorandum and Cabinet Note within stipulated time 
  • To provide input, brief notes and speech text within 14 days from the date instruction is received.
  • To ensure the presentation of annual reports and financial statements from statutory bodies under Ministry of Works in Parliament within 3 months upon the release of the Auditor General's Certificate. 
  • To prepare and circulate minutes of key meetings within 3 days.
  • To ensure Meeting of Ministerial Committee-Construction Industry Transformation Program (MC-CITP) is held twice a year.
  • To ensure national IBS committee meetings held once a year.