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Submitted by Admin on 28 April 2009
Unit Branch Section
Division Address

Bahagian Akaun,
Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia,
Tingkat 1, Blok A,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50580 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel    : 03-2711 4139
Faks : 03-2711 5457


Being an eminent organization in providing accounting and financial services of the Federal Government

  • Providing an efficient payment services within the stipulated period.
  • Provide efficient accounting services.
  • To provide consultation and effective audits to ensure that accounting and financial management at the Responsibility Centre is implemented by the rules.
  • Provide accurate financial management information.
  • Ensure Ministry of Works accounting is carried out efficiently, effectively and responsibly.
  • Determine an accounting system that should be in place and appropriate monitoring conducted to prevent loss due to fraud or negligence, subject to the general supervision of the Controlling Officer.
  • Determine only the allowable expenses received and paid within the specified period and accounted properly and accurately.
  • Determine the proceeds received are accounted properly and accurately.
  • Reporting to the Controlling Officer of any irregularity in connection with the public accounts brought to its attention.
Activities and Functions
  • Maintain accounts for transaction expenses, revenues and unit trust of the Ministry;
  • Provide Annual Financial Statements of the Ministry;
  • Handling all payments for Operating Vote, Development Vote and Unit Trust Account and salaries;
  • Implement the government accounting system undergoing development;
  • Monitor the implementation of the government's accounting system through inspection and provide consultation on the accounting system (eSPKB and eTerimaan) and audit Cash Accounts, and
  • Planning, developing and implementing training programs / courses to improve the accounting and financial skills of MOW team
Client Charter

We are determined to implement the Ministry of Works Accounting Management in a meticulous, efficient, effective, and accountable way. In performing this task we will ensure that services provided will be executed as follows: -

  • Make payments to suppliers / individuals within five (5) days of receipt of complete documents;
  • Salary released not later than 25th;
  • Prepare Ministry’s Monthly Financial Statements not later than the 25th;
  • Taking initial response to inquiries / complaints eSPKB and eTerimaan customers within three (3) days;
  • Produce reports and eTerimaan inspection observations within fourteen (14) days from the date of the end of the visit;
  • Checking of Cash Accounts statements within thirty (30) days from the date received.