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Submitted by Admin on 28 April 2009
Division Address

Development & Privatisation Division,
Tingkat 4, Blok A,
Kompleks Kerja Raya,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50580 Kuala Lumpur


To be and excellent division in managing infrastructure and public amenities development projects to in order to contribute to the nation?s development.

  • Coordinate and allocating sufficient funds so that projects could be implemented inaccordance with the goals set;
  • Establish monitoring methods for the implementation of approved public amenities and infrastructure development; and
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of development projects implemented in terms of input and impact on society.

Ensure all development projects under the purview of the Ministry of Works are executed as scheduled and within the budget allocated.

Activities and Functions
  • DEVELOPMENT - MOW's Five Year Implementation Plan Action Plan;
  • DEVELOPMENT - The preparation of the annual development budget;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the monthly expenditure of the implementing agencies;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the traffic management of the development projects;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the utilities relocation solution;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the Project Implementation Contract Management;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the process of the handing-over of projects to MOW;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To list out the completed projects to be maintained by the Maintenance Regulatory Division;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the process of the closing of the project account;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the land reclamation management;
  • DEVELOPMENT - To monitor the implementation of MOW's projects;
  • DEVELOPMENT - The management of the Project Monitoring System II;
  • DEVELOPMENT - The preparation of memorandomsand Cabinet's Notes
  • DEVELOPMENT - The preparation of response and Cabinet Meeting Answers;
  • PRIVATISATION - To monitor the implementation of MHA's OSP;
  • PRIVATISATION - To monitor MHA's obligation in determining the toll rates and its operations;
  • PRIVATISATION - To monitor the development of the expressways projects from the aspects of physical and financial performance as well as traffic management;
  • PRIVATISATION - To monitor the initial development at the sides of the expressways;
  • PWD - To monitor the implementation of PWD's OSP;
  • PWD - To monitor and assist PWD in implementating the Client Ministries? projects; and
  • ADMINISTRATION - Secretariat for the meetings as follows:
  • ADMINISTRATION - Post-Cabinet Meeting;
  • ADMINISTRATION - MOW's Development Action Committee Meeting;
  • ADMINISTRATION - Application for Development at the Side of the Highwayand Advertisement Display Meeting
  • ADMINISTRATION - Special Committee for Project Implementation
  • ADMINISTRATION - Preparation of Answers for Parliamentary Questions regarding MOW's Development Projects;
Client Charter

Ensure all infrastructure development projects under the purview of the Ministry are executed as scheduled and within the allocated budget through the following mechanism/procedures:

  • Prepare Annual Development Budget based on Ministry of Finance's Circular at the end of April of each year.
  • Prepare and issue allocation warrant to finance development projects within 10 working days of receiving it.
  • Letter of approval for the execution of projects will be issued in not more that 7 days from the date the application is received.
  • The virement under the purview of the Ministry will be done in not more than 14 days from the day it is received.
  • Manage the application for land acquisition (PBT) to JKPTG for infrastructure projects under the Ministry in not more than 14 days after days the application is received.
  • The submitted form 'H' will be forwarded to the Execution Agency for the preparation of disbursement in not more than 3 days.
  • Prepare review for the submitted projects report, study and proposal in not more that 14 days after it is received.