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Submitted by Admin on 28 April 2009
Division Address

Administration Division
Tingkat Bawah, Blok A
Kompleks Kerja Raya
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin
50580 Kuala Lumpur

  • To create a competent work force and an excellent work culture.
  • To have sufficient, comfortable and user-friendly office space and equipment.
  • Improve and enhance security system and maintenance of KompleksKerja Raya.
  • Deliver optimum support service to Top Management/Division/Department/agencyin the Ministry of Works.
  • Ensure that office space and equipment is sufficient.
  • Establish a more systematic and effective security and maintenance system at Kompleks Kerja Raya.

Provide support service in terms of administration, maintenance and security of complex, financial and personnel matters, and logistics preparation to Top Management/Division/Department/Agency under the Ministry of Works in a speedy, efficient and transparent manner.

Activities and Functions
  • Top management administrative service
  • Secretariat to Weekly Management Meeting of Deputy Secretary General and TKSU Weekly¬†Coordination Meeting
  • Security at Kompleks Kerja Raya
  • Maintenance of Kompleks Kerja Raya
Client Charter
  • Ensure that the security at Kompleks Kerja Raya is satisfactory and in compliance with the prescribed security rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that fault report at the complex is taken care of in two working days.
  • Ensure that all transport are in good condition and able to deliver satisfactory service.
  • Ensure that all logistic matters are taken care of an hour before ceremony begins.
  • Ensure that parliamentary questions are distributed to relevant division/branch/agency within 2 days or receiving it.
  • Ensure that all letters/documents received is distributed to be collectedby dispatch from division/branch on the same day.
  • Take action for every administrative support service and personnel matters3 working days.
  • Process payment voucher in 5 working days.