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Awareness, Security and ICT MHA Acculturation Program

KAJANG, February 5 - Awareness, Security and ICT Acculturation of Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) was held at the MHA Multipurpose Hall today. The program aims to create awareness of the importance of the Information and Communication Technologies Security (DKICT) to its citizens.

MHA ICT Security Policy (DKICT) consists of the rules that must be read and followed in the use of information technology assets and communications technology (ICT) Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA). This policy also explains to all users in the MHA about their role and responsibility in protecting the MHA ICT assets.

The full day program was inaugurated by the Secretary General to the Ministry of Works (MoW), YBhg. Datuk Himmat Singh. Among the events organized were the launching of applications such as HAQS and SPL MHA Version 2, slots for talks, quizzes and ICT related exhibitions.

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