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Pengarah Unit Integriti,
Unit Integriti,
Kementerian Kerja Raya,
Tingkat 13, Blok B, Kompleks Kerja Raya,
Jalan Sultan Salahuddin,
50580 Kuala Lumpur

No. Tel: 03-27715501
Faks: 03-27111014

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Question Answer
Where can I get the road traffic data?

The traffic data can be obtained at Bahagian Perolehan dan Tender, Ground Level, Kompleks Kerja Raya, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin by postal order.

How to give feedback/complaints through internet?

Just log on to :

What are the conditions to apply?
  1. The amount of loan to be given is based on merit and is subject to the maximum amount of 15 % of the contractor's  work value.
  2. Loan approved must be used strictly for expenses related to contract jobs.
  3. The loan is for one job at one time only.
  4. Those who secure the loan must manage the contract works themselves and should never give the works to other parties.
  5. Those who get the loan must report on the development of the projects financed under this scheme every two weeks based on the stipulated format.
  6. The loan requires no collateral and guarantor and is interest-free.
What are the agencies under MOW?

Agencies in MOW are listed below:

- Public Works Department (PWD)
- Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA)
- Board of Quantity Surveyor Malaysia (BQSM)
- Board of Architects Malaysia (BAM)
- Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
- Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
- Professional Services Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (PSDC)

How to apply?
  1. Use the form obtainable at the State BPB or the headquarters; or 
  2. Apply through online
  3. Important documents/information which must be submitted are:-
  4. Tender Acceptance Letter  (LA) for contracts where initial loan is required;
  5. Tender Brief;
  6. Business Resgistration Letter (A/B Form for individually owned business / partnership or Form 24, Form 29, 44 if it is Sdn Bhd,);
  7. D Form;
  8. Contractor Registration Letter (PKK and CIDB);
  9. Company's organisational chart which shows technical staff;
  10. Recognition letter as a Bumiputera Contractor (PKK);
  11. Bank accounts monthly statements for three months ending;
  12. Updated Annual Account Report, audited and endorsed by the Company Registrar;
  13. Take oath before the Commissioner of Oath/ Sessions Court Judge that the applicant does not get loan from bank/other agencies.
How do contractors pay their loan?
  1. Repayment will be made through deduction from interim payment/project progress when the PHYSICAL work progress is over 25% and settled when it reaches 75%.
  2. Deduction is based on the formula below :- 

         D = 200 x (A/B) x P


          D    -    is the total deduction of loan repayment

          A    -    deposit/loan received by contractors

          B    -    is the total Contractor's Work Value

          P    -    The total work of the contractor endorsed in the Interim Payment certificate in that month( including the value endorsed for material at the construction site which is more than 25% from B).                                                   


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