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  1. Contractor Course Registration System (eKursus)
  2. Sistem Penyampaian Maklumat Kemalangan Jalan Raya dan Keselesaan Pemanduan di Jalan Persekutuan (SELESA)
  3. Centralised Information Maintenance Management System (CIMMS)
    1. Maintenance Report
    2. Budget Report
    3. Dashboard
  4. Sistem Permohonan Menjalankan Pembangunan dan Mendirikan Struktur Paparan Iklan Di Dalam Rezab Jalan Persekutuan/Lebuhraya (eSite)
  5. Online Client Day
  6. e-Supplier
    1. Registration of Bumiputra Construction, Supplier and Manufactures With Entrepreneur Development Division
    2. Check Registration Status with Entrepreneur Development Division
    3. Supplier Directory
  7. Sistem Penyelenggaraan Akaun Amanah, Deposit dan Subsidiari Elektronik (eSPEAD)
  8. Integrated Road Information System (I-RIS)

     8. Natural Disaster Web

  1. Development Information System
  2. One Registration of Contractor
  3. Skill Training Application System
  4. Procurement Informatin Management System (PIMS)
  1. Toll Calculation
  2. Side Highway Application System (e-PTL)
  3. Contract Cost Analysis System (CCAS)
  4. Latest Highway Traffic Information


  1. Road Accident Management System (RAMS)
  2. Sistem i-Tanah
  3. Centralised Information System (CIS)
  4. e-Library
  5. AP 58 System
  6. Yearly Performance Value Report System 
  7. e-Parliment
  8. MyMeeting System

         Single-Sign On System

  1. Security Pass System
  2. Vehicle Sticker System
  3. e-Helpdesk



KKR Programme

Activities of Minister Of Works
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Innovation programmes organised by KKR
Training Programmes for KKR personnel


Invitation for media coverage of Ministry programmes and activities.
MoW's official statements to media.
Public complaints in mainstream newspaper.
News/activities of ministry that published in mainstream newspaper.

Human negligence is the key factor leading to road accidents compared to road engineering.

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