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Federal Roads Information


Among the main tasks of Ministry of Works are to build and to maintain Federal Roads which are gazetted under Minister of Works, Malaysia. Up to now, there are over 17,830 km Federal Roads throughout the country including in Sabah and Sarawak. These roads had been named according to respective routes and its maintenance is managed by the Ministry of Works through privatization. Concession companies have been appointed by the Government which purposely to be responsible for Federal Roads maintenance divided according to designated zones.

Road Information

Federal roads are divided into four (4) categories :-

  • Main Federal Road
  • Felda Federal Roads
  • Institutional Federal Roads
  • Industrial Federal Roads

All categories of Federal Roads have been assigned numbering system accordingly and can be seen from the signboard at every respective road. For more details, please refer to Federal and State Roads information in 2nd paragraph from this portal.

Maintenance Activities

Road maintenance works are basically similar for all Federal Roads. Matters related with these activities have been listed clearly in agreement documented between government with appointed concession companies. Among the activities prior to the maintenance:-

  • Routine Maintenance Activities;
  • Periodical Maintenance Activities; and
  • Emergency Works.

Some Routine Maintenance Activities :

  • Patching Potholes / Pavement;
  • Grading Road Shoulder / Maintenance of Road Shoulder;
  • Grass cutting;
  • Maintenace of Road Furniture;
  • Maintenance of Bridge and Culvert;
  • Drainage; and
  • Routine Inspections.

Some Periodical Maintenance Activities :

  • Maintaining Pavement Work; and
  • Non - Pavement Maintenance Works.

Emergency works refer to those road maintenance activities where the accurrences of which are difficult to predict or not within the control of the Company but which have an immediate effect on road maintenance and therefore have to be dealt with without delay.

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