Information of Federal Building

Information of Federal Buildings

Federal buildings were initially built in Kuala Lumpur, in line with their roles where the ministers’ offices, ministries and all headquarters were centered in the capital city.
After the Federal Government’s departments were extended to the state and district levels to improve the delivery system in the interest of the people, the departments were then housed in private buildings rented out to these government departments at the state and district levels. The process of settlement was conducted by the Prime Minister’s Department through the Property Management Division. However, the various problems and increasing cost incurred each year due to the rental system as well as the difficulties to coordinate the activities of the Federal departments and agencies at the state and district levels had brought about the need to build government complexes which could house government agencies in an integrated manne.

The need for Federal buildings at state and district levels became more pressing with the increasing roles and responsibilities of the Federal departments at the state level. The designs of the Federal buildings at the state level were based on the affordability and time of their completion. Therefore the designs of Federal buildings in most state capitals are the same, which is between 10 and 12 floors. The standard of the Federal buildings in most districts was based on competitive prices. Where the time for designs and cost permitted the “one off” design would be introduced

Distribution of Location of Federal Buildings Based on Zones

The map below shows the locations of Federal buildings all over the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. They are divided into four zones- North and Sabah; South and Sarawak, Central and east – differentiated by the colours shown on the map



No. of Block
Number of Block
  North Zone and Sabah 25   Center Zone 4
  South Zone and Sarawak 24   East Zone 11



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