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Beginning 2008, KKR’s Secretary General Y. Bhg. Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Munit bin Kasmin proposed a Federal Road Expedition to enhance knowledge among KKR staff as the owner of Federal roads. At the same time it was also meant to monitor maintenance work on Federal roads by concessionaires.

Among the observations were as follows :-

        Monitoring of routine works by the concessionaires such as ensuring that grass was cut not more than 4 inches on the 16 th of every month, no hole on the roa surface and the drainage system is always functional. The scope for routine maintenance works is as follows.

R01    Patching Potholes / Pavement
R02.jpg    Grading Road Shoulder / Maintenance of Road Shoulder
R03.jpg   Grass cutting
R04.jpg    Maintenance of Road Furniture
R05.jpg    Maintenance of Bridge and Culverts
R07.jpg    Drainage
B.jpg   Routine Inspections

       Monitoring of periodical or emergency works such as ensuring that the traffic management flowing system is functional, placing of signboards and emergency cones.

       Monitoring of confusing signboards.

    The outcome of the expedition was presented at a closing ceremony by the participants The concessionaires involved were also present

    Expeditions held in 2008 based on zones were as follow:-

      South Zone (18 - 19 April 2008)

      East Zone (29 hingga 30 Mei 2008)

      North Zone (26 hingga 28 Jun 2008)

      South Zone (Negeri Sembilan) (20 Ogos 2008)

      Sarawak (17 hingga 19 September 2008)

      Sabah (22 hingga 24 November 2008)


    South Zone

    East Zone

    North Zone

    South Zone Negeri Sembilan

    Sarawak Zone

    Sabah Zone

    In 2009 the scope of the expedition was extended not only cover the monitoring of maintenance works on Federal roads, but also on Federal buildings.

    Expeditions for 2009 are as follow :


    Sarawak Zone 2009


    Jalan persekutuan Bil. 4/2009 banner

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